Important Dates

Last date for Submission Deadline :

August 15, 2023

Last date for Notification of Acceptance :

October 10, 2023

Last date for Camera Ready Submission:

October 25, 2023

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Dr. Sarah Huo

INSAI2023 follows the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible procedures against any publication misconduct. This Conference does not accept any type of plagiarism, which means that any author replicating a significant part of another's work without acknowledging him/her or passing another's work off as his/her own are not tolerated and not published.

All authors submitting their works to INSAI2023 for publication as original works confirm that the submitted papers are their own contributions and have not been copied in whole or in part from other works.

Each submission is anonymously reviewed by an average of two independent reviewers, to ensure the final high standard and quality of each accepted submission. The INSAI2023 guarantees that the entire peer review and publication process is meticulous and objective. Furthermore, all works not in accordance with these standards will be removed from the publication if malpractice is revealed at any time even after the publication. Every case of suspected plagiarism or duplicate publishing will be reported.

Submission Guidelines

1.Templates: Please use Microsoft Word or LaTeX to create your document. All submissions must be in English. It is suggested to use the templates that incorporate the correct formatting specifications. 
2.Page limit: 4 minimum number of pages.
3.Headers, footers, and page numbers: No headers, footers, or page numbers should appear on your manuscript.
4.Margins: Papers cannot be accepted with margins smaller than those given in the table below:    
Margin US Letter A4
Top 0.75 inch 19 mm
Bottom 1 inch 43 mm
Side 0.625 inch 13 mm
5.Fonts: Fonts must be either Post Script or True Type and licensed for embedding. Use of unlicensed and custom-made or hacked fonts is strictly prohibited; your submission will be rejected if it is found to contain them. Below is a list of recommended fonts:
Content Font
Text Times New Roman
Code Courier
Equations Symbol

6.Graphics and Images:
1).Choose vector graphics (e.g., .eps or .pdf) over bitmap (.bmp, .png, or .jpg) images because they are electronically efficient and will not conflict with conversions to PDF.
2).All images should be checked by printing to hardcopy if the conference will be producing a book, especially when color images in your paper will be translated to black and white in print.
3).Resolution should be more than 300 dpi. 
4).Labels within graphics should have a type point size of 4 or higher.
5).Smooth Graphics should not be used as it often produces extremely large files with slow loading time. The Smooth Graphics option is usually found in the Page Setup Dialog box.

Submit your paper:

Please note: After you complete the submission, CMT will mark the review status as “Not Available.” This is normal, as your paper is pending review, and therefore the reviews are not available. Rest assured that your paper has been properly submitted.